About Us

Rocky Mountain Wood-Fire Ovens was founded by Sébastien Idée, a French chef who is passionate about bringing his experiences with fresh, high quality food to the US. Sebastien reminisces about his mother taking him to French farmers markets twice a week since he was 8 years old–No wonder he can easily taste the difference between an organic chicken or an non-organic one.
Sebastien’s food philosophy is that what you put in your body has a strong effect on your daily life, your energy…
He makes it his business to share his passion of your food with you and all his clients.
When he came in the US, he decided to realize of his dreams: start a wood-fired cuisine business. He had some experience in France in pizza trucks from a specialized company and learned about the wood-fire ovens (Four Grand Mere). Since his budget was limited and no company was able to put a wood-fire oven on a trailer, he decided to do everything himself. Also he wanted to learn the process from scratch and know all the details because he was thinking about starting another business later: portable wood-fire ovens’ manufacturing.