Igloo Trailer

The cheapest choice to start a wood-fire pizza catering business when you don’t need to carry your prep table on the trailer.
It is a 5×6’ trailer with a 40” Mugnaini wood-fired oven, complete insulation and standard decoration with brick and stucco jobs.
The best configuration for those how just need a portable wood/gas fire oven. Transport all the rest of your equipment with a cargo van or else.
The trailer box is still big enough to carry your dough trays and your wood.


– 5′ x 6′ trailer
– 5,000 lbs axle
– 3 compartments to store your equipment, your wood, your utensils, your ingredients
– metallic paint, color of your choice
– spare tire
– leveling jack.


– 40″ Mugnaini wood-fired oven. Allow you to cook 3 12″ pizzas at the time (60 pizzas/hour). 48″ available in option.
– Cooking floor: 7 sq. ft.
– Damper in option (if you want to smoke food).
– Oven’s weight: 1,080 lbs


Insulation and Decoration:
– Under the oven: 2″ of high density insulating board (type “Insulfrax”) + 2″ of vermiculite/cement mix.
– 3″ of ceramic fiber blanket on top of the oven
– metal mesh + stucco base
– 2″ of vermiculite mix
– External design made of bricks and stucco finish
– flue connector with damper to keep the heat
– UL 103 certified 8″ double wall chimney, 24″ long
– chimney cap


– Total weight: 2,850 lbs
Price: $12,950