Pizzeria Trailer

The Pizzeria Trailer:


6×10’ trailer with a 6,000 lbs axle with brakes, 40″ Mugnaini wood-fire oven, complete insulation and standard decoration with bricks and stucco finish.
Comes with a compartment and a ramp to load and unload your preparation table (up to 67″ prep table”. Hand washing station as well as 3 compartment sinks station are optional.
The perfect solution for those how want to carry all their equipment for a very reasonable price. You can carry your preparation table (including your dough trays and more ingredients and drinks), your generator (if needed), your portable water system, your tent, your table(s), your sneeze guard, your wood, your utensils,…




– 6′ x 10′ trailer, NATM certified
– 6,000 lbs torsion axle
– Enclosed compartment to carry you prep table (up to 67″ table) with loading ramps
– 3 compartments to store your equipment, your wood, your utensils, your ingredients
– breaks and breakaway system
– 7 way electrical plug
– metallic paint, color of your choice
– spare tire
– leveling jack.
– weight: 1860 lbs



– 40″ Mugnaini wood-fired oven. Allow you to cook 3 12″ pizzas at the time (60 pizzas/hour). 48″ available in option.

– Cooking floor: 7 sq. ft.
– Door. Damper in option (if you want to smoke food).
– Oven’s weight: 1,080 lbs


Insulation and Decoration:
– Under the oven: 2″ of high density insulating board (type “Insulfrax”) + 2″ of vermiculite/cement mix.
– 3″ of ceramic fiber blanket on top of the oven
– metal mesh + stucco base
– 2″ of vermiculite mix
– External design made of bricks and stucco finish
– flue connector with damper to keep the heat
– UL 103 certified 8″ double wall chimney, 24″ long
– chimney cap

– Many oven finish options: brick and stucco, marble, granite, ceramic tiles.

– 12″ foldable and removable stainless steel vent landing counter in option. Gives you an area in front of the oven to keep the pizzas warm.
– removable awning support structure in option: allows you to bring your awning or tent to the trailer (strong!).
– Hand sink washing station in option: compartment with hand sink, faucet, fresh and grey water tanks, drain. 2 water heating options: either the portable hot water unit (Coleman on-demand) or a built-in propane on-demand water heater with pump.



– Total weight: 5,320 lbs
Price: $16,500