Platform Trailer

photo 1(3) photo 4 (3)The Platform Trailer:
Cheaper than a pizza truck or enclosed trailer, the Platform is the perfect configuration for those who are not concerned by bad weather conditions. The principle of its unique design is to allow you to work from the (open) trailer. Since the trailer is open, you keep a great contact with your customers.
With the Platform you have everything to start your catering business.
It’s the prefect pizza trailer for those who work daily: you don’t need to spend time and efforts setting up your operation. It’s already done. You can even start heating up the oven before you come on a site so as soon as you arrive, you are ready to cook and serve!
8.6’x14’ trailer (16′, 18′ and more in option) with 2×5,200 lbs axles with breaks and compartment for the preparation table, 40” wood fired  oven (48″ and bigger in option), complete insulation and  stucco finish.
Also comes equipped with a hot water  hand washing station as well (complete 3 compartment sink in option). It has a back door so you can easily access the compartment underneath the oven.
We make sure that the Platform meets your health department requirements.


NEW: The “awning/enclosure option”: we add an aluminum structure that holds a fabric and provides awnings. The fabric walls can be opened so they become awnings. Thus, you are protected from weather conditions. The oven remains outside so people can see it. The fabric is attached thanks to snaps and zips so you can get many configurations.

In “enclosed mode”, the walls allow you to keep the heat very nicely.



– 8.6′ x 14′ (16′ or 18′, 20′ in option) trailer, NATM certified
– 2 x 5,200 lbs axles
– brakes and breakaway system
– metallic paint, color of your choice
– spare wheel
– 1 leveling jack to stabilize the trailer when parked.
– door and steps to enter/leave the trailer
– 3 compartments under the oven to store your equipment, wood, utensils,… with a back door to access.
– stainless steel work table/ counter with mid shelve to store dry food, utensils,…
– stainless steel removable service counter (“pick up” counter)
– compartment for your preparation table with electrical outlet
– NSF hot water washing station with 3 stainless steel sinks (in option)
– NSF hand-washing station
– weight: 2670 lbs (trailer only)

– Mugnaini 40″ diameter (capacity of 3-4 12″ pizzas at the time)
– Door
Insulation and Finish:
– Under the oven: 2″ of vermiculite/cement mix + 2″ of high density insulating board (type “Insulfrax”)
– 3″ of ceramic fiber blanket
– metal mesh + stucco base
– 2″ of vermiculite mix
– Finish: stucco. Brick jobs in option.


– flue connector with damper to keep the heat
– UL 103 certified 8″ double wall chimney, 24″ long
– chimney cap


– Total weight of the Platform trailer: 5,700 lbs

$26,550 ($28,900 with prep table installed)

Pictures of a Platform Trailer:

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